COVID Vaccine — Important Information

As of this blog’s writing, 7,095,422 people have tested positive for COVID-19, and 204,328 have died from it in the United States. While the impact on the economy and each household and business vary in severity, there is hope. The infection rate is slowing down, restrictions are steadily lifting, and people are getting better at existing in the new “normal.” Things are getting better with a COVID vaccine at our fingertips and improved ways to treat the virus. 

COVID Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

COVID-19 was categorized as a pandemic months ago. Considering the prevalence, the FDA fast-tracked vaccine and treatment research studies related to COVID-19. This doesn’t mean steps are “skipped” in the research process, but rather given priority to quicker progress. 

Pfizer and its partner BioNTech are the front runners in the vaccine race for COVID-19, where they are already doing interim analysis with promising results. As we move closer and closer to a working vaccine, the next hurdle to overcome is distribution, which could further delay the plans. Treatments are focused on using existing FDA approved treatments that have been repurposed to treat COVID. These vaccines and treatments are being studied in people with various stages of the disease, along with healthy individuals and those at the highest risk of becoming infected. 

Deciding to Participate in Research Studies

Laws are in place to ensure your safety in COVID Vaccine clinical trial research

It is always said that people remember the bad more than they remember the good. The same is true for clinical trials. While questionable beginnings tarnished the importance of clinical research, a lot has been done to provide the safest possible standards for research studies moving forward. Every single intervention and device available today is because of the work of research studies and the volunteers who participated in them. Though there is some level of risk in most studies, the benefits of participation include:

  • Opportunity to learn more about your condition.
  • Help advance healthcare for many diseases.
  • Possibility of gaining access to new options before they are publicly available. 
  • Take an active role in your healthcare. 

COVID Vaccine Research volunteers save lives. Learn more about upcoming research studies.

Thousands of people are needed to help end COVID-19 by participating in clinical research studies. To learn more about upcoming COVID vaccine studies here at Infinite, call 

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