Enrolling Studies

Enrolling Studies

Becoming A Volunteer

Infinite Clinical Trials, LLC. Research Center is always doing studies that are in progress or scheduled to start very soon, usually within a week or current month itself. Clinical trials play an important role in Today’s scientific studies. The fight against illnesses and finding new medications play an important role to improve our life.

Many virus and other health affections potentially become stronger and more resistant to old drugs and they need to be replaced by new and improved medications that must be tested accordingly before its application to the general population.

Clinical trials are about testing and to demonstrate viability of these new medicines and methods to satisfy everybody life’s expectations.

All person over 18 qualifies. We encourage all people who consider themselves a candidate to fill out the “Volunteer Application Form” in this page or call our office at 678.430.3232 to participate, you will get paid for your time once involved in a study.

Upon completion of a medical rigorous exam free of charges, those who qualify will be incorporated into a study, according to the specifications of each investigation.

Infinite Clinical Trials, LLC. Research Center with the cooperation of sponsors and business associates, provides comfortable and modern spaces, equipped with the latest technological advances in science for medical and pharmaceutical research, allowing us to offer and guarantee all our volunteers a safe participation within a very professional environment.

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If you are interested in participating in a study, please use this form to submit your information.