"Informed Decision: The Truth About Clinical Trials in America"

by Calethia T. Hodges

Informed Decision

The Truth About Clinical Trials in America


CEO of Infinite Clinical Trials

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. It spread rapidly, leaving little time for governments and healthcare providers to fully prepare for the worst-case scenario. This global pandemic left countries in dire economic straits—and, more importantly, has claimed the lives of countless human beings.

The need for clinical trials at this time could not be overemphasized. The complex nature of the novel coronavirus made the need for effective vaccinations and treatments all the more pressing. And, ultimately, neither could be brought to market without clinical trials.

But clinical trials are often misunderstood. For some, they conjure images of a lab rat being injected with mysterious drug samples; human beings being used as guinea pigs for experimentation. They are viewed as risky, unsafe, or even malicious in nature.

A firsthand participant in the clinical trials industry, Calethia T. Hodges saw that the surge in press around clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments brought a number of ages-old (yet still disheartening) myths to light. In her first book, Informed Decision: The Truth About Clinical Trials in America, Hodges seeks to demystify and shed a sensitive, compassionate light on the world of clinical trials.

This book equips readers from all backgrounds with a new understanding of the myths, fears, and facts surrounding clinical trials. Exploring the history of clinical trials from Biblical times to today, utilizing peer-reviewed research, and sharing anecdotes from her own practice, Hodges provides an insider’s perspective on the importance of clinical trials in a post-pandemic world.

Informed Decision - The truth about clinical trials in America - by Calethia T. Hodges

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